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You are searching for the RTX 3060 Laptop vs Desktop. Here I have provided the Differences Between the RTX 3060 Laptop vs Desktop you can understand.

When deciding on the best type of GPU for your laptop model, you need to consider how it will be used and what you’re expecting from the computer. Users often use the term GPU, also known as the graphics card. Gamers love the term. The game will not work if there is no suitable graphics card. So it is very disappointing.

We’ve been impressed by the performance differences between laptop and desktop variants of RTX 3060 Laptop GPUs since the launch of Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics chips.

In this article, Med GPU will explore the difference between Nvidia RTX 3060 Laptop vs desktop GPU. Laptops, in most cases, use integrated graphics cards that are not as powerful as desktop PCs, and a desktop’s GPU offers more power for heavy gaming or video editing. Let’s dive in to find out more!

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Differences Between the RTX 3060 Laptop vs Desktop

Performance Difference

Desktop 3060 GPUs provide better performance. Gaming performance, 3D editing and many other tasks are possible with 3060 desktop GPUs, and it prevents desktop GPU overheating. For better performance, the components are designed differently.

Due to the size and shape of the laptop version, the laptop’s 3060 GPU is integrated. How small is the laptop? Laptops are designed for portability.

Gaming laptops with higher GPUs tend to be heavier, and it works almost the same as desktop GPU. The performance of laptop GPU is less than that of desktop GPU, and this is because laptops do not have the same cooling system as desktop computers.

For valuable performance, the GPU cannot be upgraded if you want to improve your GPU performance and keep it advanced. A desktop computer GPU is the best option.

Clock Speed

Since the GPU is located over a larger area, its clock speed is faster. The desktop version has an improved cooling system for gaming and high-intensity tasks.

The laptop 3060 GPU can run slow due to less space, and it uses a less cooling system and is not compatible with the cooling system on desktop computers. Laptop GPU cannot be overclocked. Some GPUs are more advanced than others, but they still don’t provide the same speed as desktop GPUs.


Due to their large size, desktop computers tend to be very heavy. Upgrading the GPU is easy, and the high performance of the GPU allows one to upgrade or replace it as needed.

The laptop GPU is integrated, and it cannot be changed or upgraded. Because of their small size and high demand for portability, this is a problem. A gaming laptop is heavier because of its better GPU, but it cannot be upgraded.

Design and Variants

Desktop GPU design is different from laptop GPU. The GPU of a desktop computer is faster than that of a laptop, and the model number may be the same. Variants may differ from a personal computer, and it is necessary to determine its performance and speed.

The GPU design of the laptop is different from that of a desktop GPU, and the performance is not the same as that of a desktop GPU.

The number on the graphics card follows the RTX 3060’s model number. So it is ranked low for performance. The Nvidia RTX 3060 is better for desktop computers, and its clock speed is lower than that of the desktop version.

Graphics Integrated or Dedicated

Desktop GPU is dedicated to graphics. Due to its high performance and ample space, this allows for faster speeds.

A small laptop with integrated graphics has the best Nvidia RTX 3060 laptop graphics card.


Desktop graphics can run high-performance games, 3D models, or other intensive tasks, and it requires overclocking and has better cooling.

Gaming laptops that include laptop GPUs. These laptops are designed for gaming, high-intensive tasks and Photoshop. Desktop GPU’s performance is low because it doesn’t have a better cooling system, and this is due to its small size and portability, and it is impossible to overclock.

These laptops are more powerful than ever, and they are almost as powerful as desktop GPUs. An average laptop GPU will work better for everyday tasks, regular browsing, and general use. It can also sometimes allow low-resolution games or older games to run.


Desktop GPU is less expensive than laptop GPU, with better speed and performance.

Laptop GPUs are extremely expensive due to their portability and performance.

Future of GPU

NVIDIA’s new 30-series GPUs have been renamed Nvidia RTX 3060. These GPUs are designed for laptops and remove the M from the number. Why? Both the versions offer almost identical performance.

Both Nvidia RTX 3060s come with 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM and 2560 CUDA cores. The laptop is just below the GTX 3060 desktop version of clock speed. Although the performance is not as good as the desktop versions, it should not exceed 5-10%.

This is good news for gamers who love gaming laptops. You haven’t slashed performance or taken an external GPU on the go.

FAQs – RTX 3060 Laptop vs Desktop

Is RTX 3060 worth its laptop?

For the best gaming experience, you need an AMD RTX 3060 laptop. This high-end notebook includes an Intel 11th generation processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and 512GB SSD. It will not let you down, especially if you’re a serious gamer. Here are the benefits of this card. It’s powerful and affordable, but you’ll probably want to upgrade your graphics card.

Is laptop GPU weaker than desktop?

There is no question that a laptop’s graphics card is inferior to a desktop computer. Although the graphics card in a desktop computer is capable of high performance, it is built into the laptop’s motherboard. If you want to play high-end games or work on a video editing software, you’ll need a more powerful GPU. However, a desktop GPU will also be more efficient and not use as much power.

Is 3060 in laptop same as desktop?

There are two different versions of the RTX 3060. One is used on a desktop, and the other is for a laptop. The difference is in size. The laptop version is much smaller, and the desktop version has a much bigger GPU. The main difference between the two is the memory size. A typical desktop GPU is 8GB, and the 3060 is just a little less than half that.

Can I use a laptop GPU on a desktop?

Using a different graphics card is not a good idea because laptops are not designed to handle this much power. The best option is to buy a desktop with a separate GPU and a dedicated GPU. However, a desktop has more horsepower and a dedicated GPU, so it’s not worth the extra cost.

Conclusion: Nvidia RTX 3060 Laptop vs Desktop GPU?

Whether or not one should get between an RTX 3060 Laptop vs Desktop GPU is a difficult question to answer, and it will ultimately depend on your budget, what you will use the laptop for, and how much space you have in your backpack/briefcase.

Before buying a new laptop, check whether it has a GPU or not. If it does, compare it to the desktop counterpart.

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